Boliden Aitik – 2023-2024

Aitik, Sverige. Background to the project:Boliden needed two vertical shafts to create a new pumping station. Shaft:197m Vertical, 5m diameter 197m Vertical, 5m diameter Performed by rig:Robbins 123RH Robbins 83DC (Edilmac dei F.lli Maccabelli s.r.l.)

Boliden Garpenberg 2022–2023

Background to the project:Boliden needed three ventilation shafts to continue its operation in the Garpenberg mine. Shaft:239m at 90 degrees, 4.5m diameter231m at 90 degrees, 4.5m diameter79m at 90 degrees, 3.5m diameter Performed by rig:Rhino 2000

Downreaming LKAB Kiruna

Background to the project:LKAB has long wanted to come up with a method that makes it easier to create slasers without having to blast in sensitive areas. We started the work by designing equipment for our Rhino 2000 to be able to carry out its...

Raise Boring LKAB Kiruna  

Background to the project:LKAB expands ventilation and material handling underground for continued production Shaft:A number of rock shafts in different diameters as well as renovation drilling in concrete-filled shafts. Performed by rig:Rhino 2000Rhino 1289Epiroc Robbins 123RH

LKAB Konsuln Raise Caving  

Background to the project:LKAB is to test the concept of raise caving and needed a raised shaft as a basis for the project. Shaft:A rock shaft 3.5m in diameter and 60 degree angle, 43m long. Performed by rig:Epiroc Robbins 123RH

Bergen, Stendafjell – Borehole for water pipe

Background to the project: A new residential area was to be established and for this a new water pipe needed to be drawn through the mountain. The drilling was carried out in two stages, one of which had an inclination of 24 degrees and the...

SKB Äspölaboratoriet, Downreaming slots

Background to the project:SKB wanted to carry out test drilling of capsule holes at the facility at Äspö. We provided operators for the rig to be used. Shaft:Downreaming hole with 1.7m diameter. Length approx. 8-10m. Performed by rig:TRB Rhino 500 (Via SKB)

Boliden Renström Media hole 2021

Background to the project:Boliden would improve its water management by building a new pumping station underground that pumps water out of the mine. Shaft:766m in 90 degrees, 0.66m diameter with a deviation of only 12cm75m 90 degrees 0.66m diameter Performed by rig:Epiroc Robbins 123RHRhino 400
Raise boring rig Robbins 123RH

Outokumpu Chrome ventilation shaft 2018-2021

Background to the project:Outokumpu made a large expansion of its mining operations and a number of shafts for ventilation were to be drilled Shaft:18 ventilation shafts between 45-589m in 3.5-4.5m diameter with varying inclination between 60-90 degrees Performed by rig:Epiroc Robbins 123RHRhino 2000

Agnico Eagle ventilation shaft 2018-2019

Background to the project:Agnico Eagle developed its ventilation and backfill infrastructure in the underground mine Shaft:4 ventilation shafts from 95m-685m, 4.1m diameter plus a media hole for refilling. Performed by rig:Rhino 2000